Recommendations how to train your dog

Recommendations how to train your dog

Dog breed list

Continuing the dogs‘ experts advice list, we would like to share some of them about dogs training peculiarities. The dog breed list expands every year. It is important to know how to make friends with the exact breed dogs and to train it well.

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While training a dog it is significant to film a video, in order to find out about the trainer‘s body language and correct the mistakes that have been done during the trainings. Sometimes it is wise to invite somebody else to evaluate the trainer‘s behaviour while training the dog.

“I was interested in dogs since my childhood and I founded the dogs’ breeding centre in 2000. However, after these years I still can’t consider myself as an expert trainer,” says the businesswoman.

Remembering the start of trainer’s career, it seemed to me that everything was so simple and easy, in fact there are so many things that aren’t still discovered. You can even bring up 10 children but it doesn’t mean that you know the children’s psychology very well. So, I can state that I don’t know everything about the German shepherds’ character. If you say that you know this breed very well, as a rule it happens that one or two dogs surprise you and you find out something new about these dogs.

Training mistakes

It is recommended to follow some rules when you want to train a dog, otherwise, it won’t listen to you and it would be impossible to train this dog. The main mistake is the dog’s overfeeding. If you want to train a dog, it should be hungry. If the dog isn’t hungry, it won’t be interested in all the treats that you will give while training and won’t be trained. However, if the dog is hungry, it will be easy to train it, as it will listen to trainer’s commands and try to do its best for a piece of food.

You can get acquainted with the different dogs’ breeds by visiting this site: dog breed info.